The GO Teacher Policy Fellows are teachers from across Oakland – in both district and charter schools – who work together to learn about teaching policy and community organizing, build community among Oakland’s teachers, and ensure that teachers’ voices are included in decisions about the future of education.

Our Mission

The GO Teacher Policy Fellows work to gather teacher input to and use it to influence policy decisions that impact Oakland students and teachers.

Our Vision

GO Teacher Policy Fellows envision a highly-valued, professionalized teaching force in Oakland, where teachers shape policy to ensure student success.

Our Values

Teacher Expertise:In addition to valuing current research and best practices, we seek teacher expertise and direct experience to inform our work

Collaboration: We seek opportunities to work in partnership with, listen to, and learn from a broad range of community stakeholders.

Respectful Communication: We communicate directly and with respect at all times, enabling us to be transparent and pragmatic, foster learning, and create long-lasting, accountable relationships.

Shared Decision Making:  We believe that stakeholders should have a say in the decision-making process. Our work would not be possible without strong allies and partnerships.

Community: We build community by intentionally creating opportunities for teachers to connect with each other and decision makers.

Equity: We advocate for equitable opportunity, resources, and outcomes for students of all backgrounds and from all neighborhoods.

Optimism: We believe in the possibility of dramatic improvement in Oakland schools.


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