About the Teacher Policy Fellowship:

GO’s Teacher Policy Fellowship is a yearlong, stipended opportunity for a small cohort of current Oakland teachers to learn, think, and lead about the future of education.

The GO Teacher Policy Fellows are teachers from across Oakland – in both district and charter schools – who work together to learn about teaching policy and community organizing, build community among Oakland’s teachers, and ensure that teachers’ voices are included in decisions about the future of education.  The Stay Teaching project is the online face of the Go Public Schools Leadership Center Teacher Policy Fellows.

The Policy Fellows are committed to (1) supporting and encouraging excellent teachers to stay teaching in Oakland and (2) to ensuring that teachers and teacher insight is an essential part of the educational policy debate. It is us teachers, after all, that ultimately implement the policies that so often are crafted far from classrooms and students.  We are also committed to bridging the charter/district divide by sharing best practices and policies that affect teacher voice, retention, compensation, work environment, and ultimately student outcomes.

Some of our current work includes developing policy around hybrid teaching models and expanded career pathways for teachers with the aim of retaining the best teachers in our Oakland classrooms. We also  seek  and promote better  and more meaningful evaluative tools that can inform our practice and help us develop a more effective and professional teaching corp.


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