Stay Teaching is a project of the Teacher Policy Fellows affiliated with Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center (GO). We believe that students deserve a high-quality education, and in order to provide it, schools need to attract and retain excellent teachers. And those excellent teachers should absolutely have a say in education policy that affects both working conditions and student outcomes.

The opinions expressed on this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GO Public Schools Leadership Center.

The Stay Teaching blog seeks to:

  • Produce blogs by Oakland teachers which combine research with the first-hand knowledge of Oakland’s teachers.
  • Curate local and national news impacting Oakland classrooms.
  • Highlight important research about the future of education policy.
  • Shine a spotlight on the best practices of teachers and others making difference for Oakland’s students.
  • Increase teacher leadership and ensure Oakland teachers have a voice in crafting policy.

GO Teacher Policy Fellows are leading the way to address teacher turnover problems in the greater Oakland community, from district to charter schools, through forward-thinking, innovative models that re-think career pathways and hybrid positions for high-impact educators.


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