Disclaimer: I am a bit of a fangirl for Antwan Wilson. I have been nothing but impressed with his ideas for district improvement, communication with teachers and learner’s mindset about Oakland’s unique landscape.

Whether you agree with my assessment of the superintendent or not, what we can all agree on is the importance of getting wide representation on the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan Committees. In order to “ensure that all students find joy in their academic experience while graduating with the skills needed to succeed”, Superintendent Wilson has announced the formation of three committees aligned with each of the core priorities outlined in Pathway to Excellence: 2015-202

– Effective Talent Programs
– Accountable School District
– Quality Community Schools

I’m into it. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for teachers (and other stakeholders) to inform district policy decisions based on the daily feedback loop of the classroom and years of collective experience with varying administrative rules and priorities. See–isn’t Superintendent Wilson great?

If you’re interested in sharing your ideas about how our schools can be better, complete a Letter of Interest (it’s a quick application). I hope fangirls/boys, skeptics, cynics, idealists, newbies and veterans will all find their place around the table to contribute to making the Strategic Plan a lived reality in our schools.


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